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NuBrakes Launches On-Demand Mobile Brake Repair In Chattanooga

Chattanooga residents can now get brakes serviced at their homes or workplaces any day of the week.

CHATTANOOGA (November 1, 2021) — NuBrakes, a Texas-based mobile brake repair service today announced their expansion into Chattanooga. The company delivers convenient, affordable brake repair to customers’ private residences, offices, or apartments seven days a week. 

With NuBrakes, customers can go online to get a reliable, upfront pricing estimate and schedule brake repair for whatever time and place works best for their schedule. 

“Consumers don’t trust, nor do they have time for the traditional repair shop experience anymore,” says NuBrakes Founder and CEO Walker Drewett. “They’re historically met with annoying wait times, hidden costs, and unnecessary upsells.”

“We’re changing the game by offering a fresh approach to brake repair that includes transparent pricing and top-tier service that can be completed just about anywhere your car is parked - usually for less than what you’d pay at a traditional repair shop.”

The mobile aspect of NuBrakes’ repair service removes the costly overhead of running a brick and mortar shop — allowing them to pass the savings on to customers instead. 

Rather than contractors, NuBrakes’ certified technicians are full time employees with health insurance, stock options, and PTO. They have earned thousands of 5-star customer reviews for their professionalism and transparency. 

When a NuBrakes technician arrives to complete a repair, they provide a thorough brake inspection, showing you exactly what work needs to be done, and what can wait - all without the headache of having to bring your vehicle to a shop. 

“Our customers love the fact that there’s no upselling or surprise fees tacked on to their repairs,” says Drewett. “We’re able to diagnose and accurately price out 99% of brake issues over the phone before scheduling an appointment, simply by learning a few things about your vehicle and any symptoms you’re experiencing when braking.” 

NuBrakes repairs come with premium brake parts that meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specs. Services are usually completed in less than an hour and are backed by a warranty for up to two years, or 24,000 miles. 

Originally launched in Dallas and headquartered in Austin, Texas, NuBrakes currently operates in Chattanooga, Nashville, Atlanta, and several metros throughout Texas. Further expansion into Knoxville, TN and Tampa, FL are slated for later this year, and Nubrakes will be adding local technicians to their team as they grow. 

Customers in Chattanooga can request a quote or repair by visiting to chat with one of NuBrakes’ in-house brake experts by phone, text or email. 

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At NuBrakes, we’ve made it our mission to be the most loved, trusted, and reliable company in care care. Since launching in Texas in 2019, we’ve offered convenient and affordable brake repair to thousands of customers throughout Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Chattanooga, and Nashville. We believe in delivering more than just brake repair--we believe in providing the very best service, customer experience, and company culture for every member of our team. To request a repair quote or learn about employment opportunities with NuBrakes, visit us at

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