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7 Tips To Finding The Best Brake Repair In Plano

When choosing what repair shop to go to, narrowing down a reputable one in the Plano area can be quite difficult, especially since not many places specialize in just one repair like brakes. Choices become sparse being on the outskirts of Dallas and you end up driving a bit out of the way to do work on a vehicle that already needs to repair. If you are in need of a brake repair in the Plano Area here are some things to look for in a good shop.

1. Check Online Reviews

The best place to find information about a repair shop is through your online resources. Online reviews will give you a great idea about what kind of services they offer and what they might excel at or struggle with. Any good shop will make sure to have an online presence so previous customers can go online and rave about their services. On the flip side, if they happen to have terrible reviews, you could save a lot of time and money by doing a little bit of research on the repair shop.

2. Find Out What Brake Parts They're Using

A good reputable shop will carry and install only the best parts for your vehicle. Usually you can receive a quote online and can figure out which brand of brake pad/material they’re going to use on your vehicle. At NuBrakes we recommend ceramic brake pads for better driving ability and duration of use. We also recommend calling around different shops to receive the best quote possible, so you won’t ever be overcharged.

3. Find Out If They Specialize In A Specific Vehicle Type/Brand

While brake repair isn't a proprietary service, it's always nice when you find a shop that handles one specific type of vehicle or brand. High-end brands like Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes often require high-performance brake components, and often times local European-specific repair shops know exactly how to tackle the jobs. If you're driving a higher-end vehicle, it's typically best to skip the low-cost brake pads at a chain and let true brake experts handle repairs. 

4. Check To See If They're ASE-Certified

ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified means the mechanic has gone through all the proper training and testing to make sure that each and every brake repair is done correctly. At NuBrakes we only hire top-rated local mobile mechanics so that your brakes are taken care of by the best. Each of our mechanics arrives on-site with the parts they need to handle the work right where you're parked.

5. How Convenient Is Their Location?

If it’s time for a brake repair, then you start to notice your car acting different in a number of ways. The last thing you want to do is keep driving on a vehicle that needs servicing. With Plano being a large center for corporate offices like Dr. Pepper, JCPenney, or Cinemark it’s a good idea to get your brakes serviced at place that is close to your home or office. Another good idea to look at wait times for the type of repair scheduled. A normal brake repair should last between 1 and 2 hours so it’s a good idea to have a ride back home or find a place with a nice waiting area.

6. What Type Of Warranty Do They Provide?

A repair shop will offer different warranties for different brakes parts. High rated products will be backed by the best warranties because they know that they’re supposed to last the longest. Sadly, because shops also offer cheap brakes, they don’t always grant warranties for those brakes. At NuBrakes, we know each of our brake pads are installed to last. That’s why we put a 24 month/ 24,000 mile warranty on all of our repairs done. This will warrant your brakes for a substantial time and help keep your vehicle in great driving condition.

7. Utilize A Plano Mobile Brake Repair Service

NuBrakes was created to provide the convenience and time savings that people have come to expect out of on-demand services. Our mobile brake technicians are ASE certified and experienced in diagnosing brake problems to ensure your safety on the road. Schedule a repair online in minutes and let us repair or replace your brakes at your office, home or apartment, while you get a life If you hate waiting in your local auto repair shop just to replace your brakes, check out our Plano brake repair age to receive a free quote!

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