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How Much Does a Brake Pad Replacement Cost in Dallas-Fort Worth Area?

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Finding a quality brake repair for the right price in an area as large as the Dallas-Fort Worth region can be difficult. Doing a bit of research in light of spending money on a car repair is a crucial step to finding just what you need to get back on the road. Thankfully, here at NuBrakes insight matters to us just as much as our brakes do, so here are some things to think about before choosing a mechanic for your brake pad replacement.

Signs That You Should Have Your Brakes Looked At

There are a number of ways that your car will start to feel and sound different if it’s in dire need of a brake repair. Our advice is to get your brakes checked every 40,000-50,000 miles and never let these signs go overlooked because it could lead to unnecessary additional costs.

  • Brake pedal responsiveness is loosening
  • Car leaning to one side of the lane when braking
  • Brakes are making a grinding noise
  • Brake pedal starts to vibrate

If you start to see any of these signs from your car, it's crucial to get your brakes checked because it might be time for a replacement.

Brake Pad Replacement Costs in Dallas-Fort Worth Area

For ease of brake pad replacement, it is essential to consider the brake pad replacement cost and location for each repair. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area a standard brake pad and rotor replacement for all four axles range from $129- $1,215 with an average of $384. It’s important to note that each brake pad replacement doesn’t also need a set of new rotors so make sure the brake repair shop isn’t overpricing you for something unnecessary for your vehicle.

Why Is There Such A Large Variation in Price?

Considering cost is always a large part of replacing anything on your car so it’s important to make sure you know where your money is being spent and is being spent well.


Within a standard brake repair a technician looks at three different components, brake pads, rotors, and brake calipers. The biggest variation in price is within the quality of brake pads. Each dealership will offer a variation of either standard, platinum, or ceramic pads that all go up in value and warranty.

Servicing Fee

Labor is another driving factor of price within a brake repair. Each brake pad, rotor and caliper will have a different labor fee assessed to it. The price of labor for each rotor resurfacing, new hardware, and brake fluid replacement might also affect the increase of the overall repair as well.


Many repair shops use a hefty mark up on small vehicle repairs like brake parts to cover rent, employee salary, and equipment fees. These small markups on brake parts can add a variation in price for each repair done. Fortunately, NuBrakes offers premium brake parts with no markup.

There are a number of options that each shop will offer so making sure that each part is high quality with a strong warranty is a must.

Get Quality Parts Along with Quality Service

When getting your car brakes repaired, finding a trusted shop is the first step. A trusted dealer will quote you over the phone and make sure that each car is suited with the correct brakes for the right price. A reputable shop will also carry reputable brands to fit your cars needs. Top brands to mention include Wagner, Carquest, Akebono, AC Delco, and Brembo.

Schedule A Top-Rated Brake Pad Replacement in The Dallas/ Fort Worth Area

At NuBrakes, our highly-qualified and certified brake technicians provide on-site brake pad replacements at your office or home. We use top of the line ceramic brake pads and back them up with our NuBrakes Guarantee to ensure they work like they should. Save up to 40% on brake pad replacements by getting a quote in Dallas-Fort Worth!

Brake problems? Schedule a free brake repair estimate now.

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