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Our Story

Brake Repair Made Simple.

In 2016, we set out to make driving a dirty car a thing of the past, and we did so by creating NuWash, and delivering high-quality hand wash service on-site at offices, homes, and apartments. Since then, we’ve begun to branch out into the rest of the car care space to eliminate the need to wait around in a dirty service shop browsing through outdated magazines. NuBrakes is our answer to the painful brake repair experience that nearly every vehicle on the road must deal with at some point in its useful life.

Beginning in March of 2019, NuBrakes will start to provide drivers in the Dallas, Texas area the ability to have their brakes serviced while parked at their office or while hanging out at home watching TV. If you’re ready to say goodbye to long wait times and less than ideal service schedules, it’s time to make the switch to NuBrake’s on-demand mobile brake repair service.

Schedule your mobile brake repair in minutes.

Service currently available in Dallas, TX