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Life's busy. So why waste your time sitting at a shop? Our mobile mechanics come to you and repair your vehicle around your schedule.

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Our upfront, no-obligation brake repair quotes are designed to give you a transparent view into your vehicle's repair costs.


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How Power Steering Belt Replacement Works

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Average Job Cost


The average cost to replace your power steering belt is $120 - $200. Pricing may vary based on the type of car you have, as well as the type of (and quality) auto shop that you go to. At NuBrakes, our technicians come to your office or home to do the repair. We don’t markup our parts and have minimal overhead, meaning, we provide you a convenient and low-cost repair option.

When evaluating the cost of drive belt replacement, you may want to consider:

  • The quality of the power steering belts
  • Your vehicle's manufacturer and model
  • Auto shop’s labor costs


It’s important to be in tune with your power steering belt replacement options and how the type of shop will affect the pricing they offer to you. Dealerships will always be the most expensive option for power steering belt replacements. Traditional brick and mortar repair shops will typically provide more affordable brake repair prices than the dealership. However, mobile brake repair services, like NuBrakes, usually provide the best prices because they have significantly less operational overhead… And not to mention, a much more convenient experience… A true win-win.


Still have questions about power steering belt replacements? We're here to help.

What is a power steering belt?

The power steering belt delivers power to the power steering system, making steering your vehicle much easier. In the long run, it may crack, loosen, or be worn because of constant use. Without a functioning power steering belt, you'll lose the ability to easily steer your vehicle.

How do I know when my power steering belt needs to be replaced?

The following signs suggest that you’re in need of a power steering belt replacement:

1. If you hear a squealing or grinding sound coming from the hood of your car, inspect your power steering belt.

2. While driving, you notice an intermittent or loss of power steering.

3. If you notice some cracks or damage to the power steering belt, then it’s time for a replacement.

Is it safe to drive on a damaged power steering belt?

You can still drive on a damaged drive belt, however, it isn’t recommended as it may not only cause more damage to your power steering system, but it’ll also give you more difficulties when driving, particuarly when turning the steering wheel.

Why should I replace my power steering belt?

With a broken or damaged power steering belt, you won’t be able to use one of the key features of your car which makes turning the steering wheel effortless, giving you comfortable and easy driving.

How often should I replace my power steering belt?

Power steering belts usually last 60,000 to 100,000 miles, however, when having vehicle maintenance done, make sure to ask your professional mechanic to check your power steering belt to ensure it’s in a good condition.

Can I replace the power steering belt myself?

While we recommend you call a professional mechanic to do the job, you may still have the option to replace your old power steering belt by yourself, assuming you have the proper knowledge to do so. Here are the steps to guide you:

1. Lift your car using a jack to ensure you have enough room to do the work below the bumper.

2. Make sure your battery is disconnected.

3. Remove the lower engine cover.

4. Check if your alternator belt needs to be removed first. Most alternators are located in front of the power steering belt, to remove, please refer to your vehicle’s manual for instructions.

5. Locate the power steering pump which is usually on the passenger or driver’s side. In some car models, it can be found in front of the engine.

6. Find the tensioner pulley and spray the bolts using penetrating oil. After 4-5 minutes, loosen the top and bottom pulley bolts.

7. Loosen up the top and bottom bolts of the power steering pump.

8. Release the tension of the power steering pump.

9. Detach the old belt.

10. Install the new belts by sliding on the pulleys with the teeth side down.

11. Secure the bolts of the power steering pump.

12. Secure the bolts on the tensioner pulley.

13. Check the belt replacement’s tension. It should spin smoothly through the pulleys.

14. Place all the other parts removed during the first steps.

15. Do a test drive and listen to your car’s engine. The newly installed belt should sound smooth.

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