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We'll Change The Oil Around Your Schedule

Here are some reasons why we're the best option for your repair needs.


Life's busy. So why waste your time sitting at a shop? Our mobile mechanics come to you and replace your oil around your schedule.

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Our upfront, no-obligation vehicle repair quotes are designed to give you a transparent view into your vehicle's repair costs.


Our mobile mechanics have decades of combined experience, and all services are backed by our NuBrakes Guarantee.

How The Oil Change Process Works

We make oil change simple and easy.

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How Much Does An Oil Change Cost?

Average Job Cost


The average cost to change oil is $35- $199. Pricing may vary based on the type of car you have, as well as the type of (and quality) auto shop that you go to. At NuBrakes, our technicians come to your office or home to do the repair. We don’t markup our parts and have minimal overhead, meaning, we provide you a convenient and low-cost repair option.

When evaluating the cost of an oil change, you may want to consider:

- The quality and types of oil engine oil

- Your vehicle's manufacturer and model

- Auto shop’s labor costs


It’s important to be in tune with your oil change options and how the type of shop will affect the pricing they offer to you. Dealerships will always be the most expensive option for your oil change needs. Traditional brick and mortar repair shops will typically provide more affordable automotive service prices than the dealership. However, mobile mechanic services, like NuBrakes, usually provide the best prices because they have significantly less operational overhead… And not to mention, a much more convenient experience… A true win-win.


Still have questions about mobile oil changes? We're here to help.

What is an oil change and how does it work?

An oil change is the process of removing the old, used engine oil and replacing with fresh oil in your vehicle.

Why should I change oil?

Here's the following reason why you should do an oil change:

1. It’ll help maintain excellent gas mileage. If you don’t do an oil change, it’ll lessen your gas mileage and you’ll need to put gas in your vehicle more often.

2. It’ll make your engine clean and smooth running.

3. Having a clean engine with regular oil change will prolong your engine’s life.

4. It gives engine lubrication and prevents the engine from overheating.

How do I know when oil needs to be changed?

How do you know if you need an oil change? Here are some signs:

1. Check if the color of the oil is dark. Fresh oil is usually a transparent light brown color.

2. Check for the oil consistency, using a dipstick put some on your finger and check if it feels coarse, if it does, then an oil change is needed.

3. When you’re driving frequently for long trips, it might be time to have an oil change.

4. If your change oil light is lit up on the dash, change the oil.

5. When you notice that your oil level keeps dropping even after topping up and if it continuously happens then there might be a leak or oil needs to be replaced.

6. If you notice strange engine noise or if your car is noisier than before.

How often should I change oil?

Usually, it is recommended to change oil every 3,000 to 7,500 miles, however, it may vary. It’s best to consult a professional mechanic or look for the key signs that suggest when you need an oil change.

What will happen if i wait too long for an oil change?

There are reasons mentioned on this page why you should regularly do an oil change. Over time, your oil begins to wear out and become less effective at performing its job. If left unattended, you might have bigger problems in the future, especially with your vehicle’s engine.

Can I change my vehicle's oil myself?

Yes, you can follow these steps to do an oil change:

1. Determine the right oil and oil filter by checking your vehicle’s manual.

2. Use a plastic sheet on the ground for easier cleanup.

3. Lift your car using a jack then unscrew the drain plug. Quickly pull it out and away from the oil stream. Allow the oil to drain into a drainage pan.

4. Find the old filter, remove it slowly and wait until the flow of oil subsides. Make sure that the old filter gasket wasn't left behind.

5. Place the drain plug and the new oil filter.

6. Add the new oil using a funnel.

7. Using a dipstick, check if your oil is at the proper level and check for leaks.

Why NuBrakes?

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Our mobile mechanics deliver top-rated services at your home or office for up to 40% less than a repair shop.

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We're 10-40% more affordable on average compared to dealerships and shops so you'll be saving time AND money.

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